Eva Mendes rehab


Eva Mendes, in 2008, Eva created headlines once she entered rehab for abuse. we have a tendency to had no plan she battled with associate addiction, and it is a topic that Eva is sensitive regarding. In 2008, she said: “Because celebrities’ lives ar thus visible, i feel it makes it look lighter than it is…The different day i used to be reading a writing. I don’t even keep in mind UN agency the actor was, but…she aforesaid one thing like, ‘I’m proud that I’ve had a full career while not creating it to rehab.’ i assumed, that is such a negative twist thereon. i am happy with folks that have the determination and also the fearlessness to truly go and face their demons and obtain higher.”

Eva may not believe our interest in celebrity addiction, but hey, explore it like this. It’s inspiration for those battling their own demons.


Eva Mendes, WHO entered Utah’s corrie Lodge for rehab earlier this year, recently spoke concerning drug abuse with David Colman for Interview magazine. “I”m not angry,” aforementioned the role player, WHO stars within the coming the ladies (due get in September) and also the Spirit (due out at Christmas). “I’m happy with those who have the determination and also the fearlessness to truly go and face their demons and find higher. this can be a life or death state of affairs.”

The L.A.-born, Cuban-American role player conjointly spread out on racism within the show biz. “What makes it frustrating is once a director or a studio head does not see Pine Tree State for an equivalent half that they’re going to see, let’s say, player Barrymore for,” she said. “Drew’s an excellent friend of mine. however it’s like, ‘No, we would like additional of Associate in Nursing yankee kind of lady.’ And it’s like, America has spread out. i am Associate in Nursing yankee lady, born and raised.” Still, she insists, being Cuban-American is “not as troublesome because it is being Associate in Nursing Asian lady.”